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When Should Baby Be Sitting Up?

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baby-sittingEvery mother wants her child to be the best, grow the quickest, show unusual intelligence and basically impress the whole world! It is important to watch for markers of good and normal development in our children’s growth. Your doctor will be doing simple tests and asking questions about the newborn’s abilities at each doctor visit.

But we also need to be aware that every child is unique and will grow and progress at his or her own pace. It is so important that new parents understand this and do not get caught up in the “baby race” that many communities of young families fall into. The bad habit of COMPARISON can rob young parents of the simple joy of loving their baby as he is and allowing him to be himself.

Some simple guidelines regarding what developmental behavior to expect can be found at This site even gives some gentle tips for helping your baby along if you begin to grow concerned. But it is recommended that even these tips should only be done after checking with your doctor.

For example: “At age 7 months, roughly 70% of all babies can sit alone for short periods of up to about half a minute. And 90% of all babies can do so by about 9 months old. Similarly, by about 3 months about 50% of all babies can sit when supported with cushions.”

Before encouraging your child to sit up, she must be able to: Assume the sitting position without support. And she must sit upright. It’s quite OK if she still supports herself in front by pressing with her hands on the floor. But… your child must be able to free her hands. She must be able to sit for at least 1 minute.
Always place a pillow behind your baby while she or he is learning to balance while sitting up on her own. You can also help her by placing her between your legs with the baby’s back to you. This way you can feel if she has enough strength and control to hold herself upright.

According to this website, placing colorful toys within your baby’s reach will encourage her to sit up and play with them. She will be so focused on the fun toys that she won’t even realize that an important milestone is being achieved!

Doodlebuckets had many baskets of bright colored baby toys that would delight any new parent who wants the best for their child. THE CHEERFUL BABY GIFT BASKET is chock full of educational and stimulating toys for baby.

This Baby Gift Basket has fun items like, the WHOOZIT TOY that will stimulate all the senses! Stacking cups are a classic development plaything that will hold Baby’s attention while learning to sit up on her or her own. The basket even includes puzzles, books and slippers!

It’s almost never too soon to have soft and cuddly toys around a new baby. And as soon as your baby begins to follow objects with his eyes and look at items in his vicinity, you will know that it is Ok to start stimulation with toys. Who can resist the pure and sweet laugh of a baby when he sees a beloved toy?

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